Sherborne Food Bank

Published: 08 April 2020

“Many of you will have heard Michael’s update about the food bank whist joining in with the St. Paul’s Online Service on Sunday. Probably the biggest challenge at the moment in trying to keep up with increased demand is the difficulty in shopping for additional supplies. YOU can help by adding extra items to your weekly shop. A selection of items from the  ‘shopping list’ below would be much appreciated (some of the more able of you might be able to do an additional shopping visit – the running of food banks is classified as an essential service). Purchased items can then be deposited either in the Sainsbury’s collection bin (it is by far the largest one within our local supermarkets) or dropped off at The St. Paul’s Vicarage (8 Kings Road). Thank you very much.”

FOOD BANK SHOPPING LIST (pdf printable format attached)

 packet of rice

tinned soup

tinned meals (e.g. meatballs, mince, curry, spam etc)

tinned fish

tinned baked beans

macaroni cheese/pasta in sauce

bag of pasta

pasta sauce

tinned vegetables

cartons (or tins) tomatoes

dried mash potato (or tinned potatoes)


tea bags or jar of coffee

breakfast cereal

long life milk

porridge oats

bottle of juice or squash

pot jam/marmalade/spread

sweet biscuits (e.g. digestives, custard creams)

savoury biscuits (e.g. crackers)

toilet rolls