Sherborne Town Council Budget

Published: 04 February 2020


The Town Council has agreed an ambitious five-year plan to create a cleaner, greener Sherborne – making the town a more attractive and enjoyable place for visitors, residents and local businesses.

We’re employing a road sweeper to keep Sherborne looking its best – a human face of the council in town for visitors and residents alike, always around with a smile and a helping hand with advice when needed.

We’re also hiring a part-time communications professional to help make Sherborne Town Council more democratically accountable to residents: keeping people informed of the council’s work, responding accurately to town concerns and telling residents how their money is being spent … giving the good news about Sherborne the prominence it deserves.

We will work with tourism and business professionals to help highlight Sherborne as a visitor destination and a business hub, thereby potentially improving the town’s economy.

Other major town improvements are coming online: a completely redesigned and refurbished Digby Hall, a major project to improve Pageant Gardens and continued and further improvements in the enormously popular Terrace Playing Fields.

Talks are also continuing with Dorset Council to improve traffic flow in the town, reducing delays and making the town safer.

In addition to all that, we are embarking on a new era of seeking innovative funding streams to keep costs down and we are engaging with the realities of how we do our bit as a council to improve our carbon footprint and take practical and hopeful action on the climate emergency.

Sherborne Town Council will achieve this with an increase of just 5.21 per cent in its budget: £10.89 a year extra for a Band D property or 21 pence a week. That is less than half the cost of a Mars Bar every week – and less than a tenth of the cost of buying The Daily Telegraph on a Saturday.

We believe it’s a great achievement to keep the increase so modest at a time of continued very severe pressures on local government finance.

The five-year plan and budget have been given the unanimous support of all elected members of Sherborne Town Council.